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First, a reminder: The Vivify End of Summer Sale wraps up on Monday! A number of authors are getting together to help readers fill up their Kindles with free and bargain books to start September off right! We’re offering  Of Introductions And Abductions, the first Monkey Queen adventure, for just 99 cents US, and marked down worldwide, September 1-7! Fantasy fans can see what’s available here, and there’s a full list of books that are part of the sale here. Even if you’ve read all of Michiko and Beth’s adventures, remember – ebooks make great gifts! Go browse! More after the cut.

Every year John Kovalic, the cartoonist behind Dork Tower and Munchkin artist extraordinaire, does a charity bike ride to benefit Bike The Barns, a ride to benefit low-income families and Madison-area organic farmers alike. This year’s ride is in two weeks, on September 20. If he makes his pledge goal of $10,000, he will ride the entire route wearing a duck on his head. I donated because it’s a good cause, and because John is a nice guy…but I mostly donated because I want to see a grown man wear a duck on his head. Please consider donating to help a good cause and make a grown man wear a duck on his head. Thank you.

Willow announced earlier this week that since the story took her longer to complete than she thought,  The Journey Of Earth wasn’t going to be ready in time for Festival Harajuku. But if you’re in Paris, you can still meet her and the rest of the Collectif Pin-Up crew there this coming weekend, September 12-13 (note corrected dates)! That is, if it doesn’t rain…it’s an outdoors festival. But go! Say hi to Willow for me!

Apparently, an Artemis Fowl movie is coming from Disney, directed by Kenneth Branagh. I did enjoy the first book, and I keep meaning to read more. I suspect that, since Disney’s involved, it won’t be too stoically set in following the book or too fixated on dumb jokes to be bad, so I have hopes. But really, I’ll be happy if we get a good Disney Infinity figure out of it.

But I’m hoping to see a Disney Infinity figure of this splendid chap first…

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