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First, I realized that I forgot to include a link to KBoards in my last post, so consider that rectified. I usually hang out in the Writer’s Cafe forum, using the cunningly conceived forum name “Robert Dahlen”, but there are also forums there for discussing Kindles, other e-readers, books and other subjects. Come on by and say hi! More after the cut.

Redblade news: We still can’t set the date for when the next Monkey Queen book will be coming out, but Willow has started work on the cover! We’ve worked out the design for Abby, and it looks great! (And if you’re asking, “Who’s Abby?”…soon, all will be revealed. Or, you could just read the blurb…)

My awesome pal Shei Darksbane has just released a new Dakota Shepherd adventure! Driven, a spooky novella out just in time for Halloween, features ghosts, action, revenge, driving lessons and an important purchase from Walmart. Scoot over to Amazon and grab your copy today!

So I did get to watch both parts of the Doctor Who season opener, and wow. There may have been a bit of padding – I suspect this would have made a really great 90-minute episode – but it’s still a vast improvement over last season, and maybe the best episode since “Day of the Doctor.” I am getting a bit tired of Missy, though; maybe it’s time to put her back in the toybox for a while. Favorite moment: The Doctor taking Davros’ chair for a spin.

Finally, you may have seen the web site that allows you to turn yourself into a Peanuts character. Well, it didn’t work too well for me (no options for beards or nice hats), and it didn’t work too well for Michiko…

But it did a decent job for Beth.

Beth Peanut


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