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Leading off this Sunday: If you missed it, a new short story was posted on Thursday – “The Names Of The Stars”. Click here to read it! And if you want to read all the Monkey Queen short stories to date, they’re always available on our blog! More after the cut.

So Lego Dimensions is out, and I’m getting sad all over again. I’m sure the gameplay is good, but the figures… Maybe someday, Disney Infinity will license other settings, and we’ll see the sculptors do awesome figures for Gandalf and the Twelfth Doctor and Doc Brown. And we can finally get the Legolas-Merida team-up we all secretly dream of…

Speaking of Twelve, I was enjoying last night’s Doctor Who right up until I realized that it was another two-parter. That’ll teach me not to check Wikipedia. More next week after I’ve seen both parts.

And speaking of Merida: I had never really watched watched Once Upon A Time (just as background noise), but I had to watch the season 5 premiere for our favorite ginger archer. And she did not disappoint; she was smart, she was tough, and she got the best lines. Alas, it looks like this will be her only appearance. I’ll be watching tonight, but I want more Merida, darn it!

And finally: Last week, we Peanutized Beth. It didn’t work quite so well with Michiko, but here’s how it came out…

Michiko peanut

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