of awesome archer princesses and trolling idiots

So it turns out I need to talk about Once Upon A Time earlier than I thought. More, and a few unkind words about some morons, after the cut because spoilers.

Merida’s back! And I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw her in the cell near Lancelot in the flashback sequences. I really thought she was a one-episode wonder, and it was thrilling to see her again…

And then came the scene with her and Dark Swan.

This isn’t what I wanted to see from Merida. I know that OUaT plays with all this stuff, and eventually we’ll get the old spunky, snarky, heroic, error-prone but still lovable Merida back. But to see an awesome independent butt-kicking heroine, my favorite Disney princess, brought so low, and knowing she may not get an awesome moment at the end to make up for it because she’s just a supporting character in this show…bleah.

(And did they really have to go for the obvious at the end? “You will teach him to be…brave.” What, Merida’s going to find Mr. Gold’s mother and turn her into a bear?)

But if you want something really annoying, can you believe that there are actually people out there who are calling for a boycott of the new Star Wars movie because the leads aren’t white males? Really? Let’s hope the racist idiot slimeballs who are behind this get locked in a room and forced to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special over and over again until their eyeballs melt.

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