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We’ll open this Sunday catchup with something of interest to all you readers of sci-fi and fantasy: There’s a big promo coming this Tuesday, November 3, with over 50 e-books being offered for free! With this many titles, there’ll be something for everyone! Click here for more details! More after the cut.

It’s NaNoWriMo! I wish all the good luck to be had to everyone officially taking part this year! I won’t be, because I suspect real life will be getting in the way, but I’ll be getting as much work done as I can on the next Monkey Queen book. Feel free to mention what you’ll be working on in the comments!

Doctor Who this week…this is the first time this season that the two-parter concept felt like it hurt the story. It had a great few minutes at the start, a great few minutes at the end, and a whole lot of “urm” in the middle. And I wanted more Osgood, doggone it, and I still have a feeling she may not survive the next episode…

And finally: Dear Snoopy, Michiko wants to know when you’re going to let her have her scarf back. Thanks.

snoopy scarf

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