you and I, we’ve seen what time’s blogged, haven’t we?

So, have you read “Best Christmas Ever!”, the newly expanded (and more festive!) version of the short story that tells about Michiko and Beth’s first Christmas as roommates? If you haven’t, scroll down to the post right below this! (There’s also a “Behind The Scenes” post below that, with lots of nifty background info). More after the cut!

I’ll be talking more about this as the week goes on, but there’s another 99 cent fantasy and science fiction sale coming up, and one of the books in that sale is the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions! This will be a big sale; click here for more info, and I’ll remind you again as we get closer to the date.

Our friends at Darksbane Books have a new release – Instinct, an action-packed sci-fi short story from Annathesa Nikola Darksbane’s Starlight Saga! Get it at Amazon!

Last night’s Doctor Who was…odd. Quite odd. I think I may need to watch it again to sort it out in my head. Next week’s, however, should be a corker…I hope.

And finally, I’m having way too much fun with the Photofunia web site. For example: Willow is from France, so one could say her work belongs in the Louvre…


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