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We’ll start this Sunday catchup with something you may have missed, since it was posted originally on New Year’s Day: The first information on the sixth Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena!

The Crown of Kylthena is a relic from the Lost Lands that is supposed to bring great power to its wearer. Michiko Koyama, the hero known as the Monkey Queen, is sent along with her girlfriend and partner in adventure Beth McGill and their new companion Abby Main-Drake to retrieve the crown, only to find that it’s been stolen. They’ll have to hop from world to world and team up with the enigmatic wizard and thief Alasdair Sterling to get it back…but can he be trusted?

And even if Michiko succeeds, betrayal is in the cards back on Earth, as a new hero is brought in to take the Monkey Queen’s place. The stakes are higher than Michiko knows, and if she loses the struggle…she’ll lose everything.

Even Beth.

More after the cut!

MythBusters started their final season last night, and it was a good episode. It seems like Jamie and Adam are a bit more relaxed this year; maybe knowing it’s the end is loosening them up. And keeping them from strangling each other.

I will always miss the Build Team, though. Maybe in a few years, Adam can launch his own show and hire Tory and/or Kari and/or Grant…

And while we wait to see if there’ll be new Doctor Who this year, we have this reminder of Season Nine, and one of my favorite lines to go with it:

“Of course the real question is, where did I get the cup of tea? Answer: I’m the Doctor. Just accept it.”

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