Tuesday catchup

Two things to get your Tuesday rolling. First, I forgot to mention that The Doubleclicks, our favorite sister geek-folk-rock-with-cat-keyboard duo, are holding a live streaming concert this coming Sunday, Valentine’s Day! Well, technically it’ll be at midnight GMT and 1:00 AM CET, but it’s on Valentine’s Day in the Western Hemisphere – 3:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern. There’ll be songs about love, dinosaurs, geeky fun things, and more! It’ll be on YouTube; click here to watch, or here to learn more about the band. See you there!

And a Happy Birthday to awesome pal Shei Darksbane! You know her as part of Darksbane Books and the main author of the Dakota Shepherd series, but she has also been a good friend in good times and bad, and one of my favorite people. Shei, I hope your birthday kicks butt! (In a good way!)

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