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Happy Easter Sunday catchup! Hope all of you enjoyed your candy! Or will enjoy the half-off sales on Monday like me. I had a happy Easter surprise this morning, when I got to see how far Willow’s come on drawing the cover for the upcoming sixth Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena. You may want to put on extra socks when this book comes out, because this cover will knock them off! More after the cut.A note for those of you who are new here: Hi! I always welcome new Michiko and Beth fans. If you like what you’ve read, feel free to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog or Facebook page, or wherever you want. And you can always leave a comment here; I enjoy hearing from you!

And since I don’t promote these enough here: You can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well! Do drop by.

So last week, I noted that the Little Prince movie was probably going to wind up on Netflix, and sort of lamented that I’d chosen Amazon Prime instead. As it turns out, I got a consolation prize with the news that Amazon Prime had picked up the exclusive US streaming rights for Doctor Who. There will be some serious bingewatching ahead, believe me.

And finally, if you missed yesterday’s Doubleclicks live show, here it is. (Note to self: Must check out more of The PDX Broadsides…)

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