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Sunday starts with a reminder: You have just three days left to get your copy of the first Monkey Queen ebook, Of Introductions And Abductions, for just 99 cents US/CA/AU, £0.99 UK and €0,99! The price will be reset to $2.99 US on June 1, so don’t wait! (And remember that ebooks are easily giftable!) More after the cut!

If you missed Thursday’s announcement: The first draft of the sixth Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena, is done! There’s still no publication date, though. Part of that is because the book really needs at least one round of editing (plugging plot holes, cleaning up dialogue, typos, etc). Also, Willow’s still recovering from her wrist tendinitis, so the cover isn’t done. I want to get this book out there for all of you to see, but not until it’s ready.

And while I’m waiting, I’m starting to write up the plot for the seventh book. With any luck, the wait won’t be anywhere near as long for that!

A while back, I promoted the Patreon page for Melissa Pagluica’s wonderful webcomic, Above The Clouds. I just got a reward for being a backer – a postcard of one of the main characters of the series, the young writer Eily, with her sister Brianna. As you can see, I was quite pleased.


But I was even happier to find what Melissa had sketched on the back of the card!


Thank you, Melissa! You can read Above The Clouds here (and you should), and check out her Patreon page here.

Meanwhile, the last few weeks I’ve been sharing tracks from Good Times, the new album by the Monkees. It was released on Friday, and my gosh, it’s as good as I was hoping it would be, better than their other comeback albums. (Needless to say, Michiko has been playing this non-stop!) You should be able to listen to it below. If you like it, head over to Amazon to download it or buy the CD!


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