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Sunday catchup time! Next week will mark the two-year anniversary of the official debut of the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, and there will very likely be a soppy blog post on the 19th. But there may also be a sale…so stay tuned! More after the cut.

One last reminder: Gaming cartoonist and Dork Tower creator John Kovalic has just one week to go before his annual Insane Charity Bike Ride, to help Bike The Barns, a program to help low-income families and local farmers in the Madison area! You have until the 18th to back his ride, get cool swag ($50 gets you a mini-print autographed by him and Patrick Freaking Rothfuss), and know that you’ve helped make a man ride a bicycle for 60 miles with a duck on his head. More info here.

(And if you’ve never read Dork Tower: Shock! Horror! Click here!)

The Doubleclicks have another live online show coming up on YouTube this Wednesday the 14th! It’ll be starting at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern / 3:00 CET. Their special guest will be S.J. Tucker; I shared her video “Cheshire Kitten” here two weeks back. Click here to watch it, or here for their Facebook page about this show.

And next week, those very same Doubleclicks will be doing two shows in the Bay Area (and two more in the Los Angeles area), with Lucia Fasano opening! I’m almost certainly going to be at the show on Sunday the 18th at Illusive Comics in Santa Clara (info here), but you can also see them on Monday the 19th at Endgame in Oakland (info here). They always put on a good show, online or in person, so go see them!

Finally: Amber Goss didn’t feed this one to me, but she did feed me the video that led me to this one. Thank you (again), Amber!

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