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I’ve got a few minutes while laundry is laundrying, so here’s a Sunday catchup for you. Leading off with a blatant plug: The first Monkey Queen ebook, Of Introductions And Abductions, is on sale through November 10! Just 99 cents US/CA/AU/NZ, €0,99 and £0.99! Get it here at Amazon, or search your favorite ebook store for “Robert Dahlen”! More after the cut.


Of Introductions And Abductions is just one of many books taking part in a big ebook sale this weekend – over 100 sci-fi and fantasy books are just 99 cents each! The sale ends today, but many of the books will be 99 cents for at least another day or two, so go shop!


Work on the Secret Project continues. I wish I could tell you more, but if I did…I’d be keelhauled. All will be revealed soon!

The Doubleclicks have a new song out, “Mobius”, and it’s…thoughtful. And hopeful. Worth a listen, and then click on the YouTube link to see Angela Webber’s thoughts.

Finally: I don’t need this. But I think I want this.

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