the blog machine is coming down and we’re gonna have a party

To start this Sunday catchup, I’m just gonna leave this link right here for future reference. More after the cut.

First off, our awesome pals at Darksbane Books have been busy, busy bees. They’ve revamped their website, so go take a look. They’re also blogging much more often, including this post with a look at their upcoming books!

Hey, you! You need some music sung by four smart, funny women, right? Music with a touch of nerdy fun and a whole lot of naughtiness? Well, you just have a few days left to back the Misbehavin’ Maidens Kickstarter for their second album! It’ll be lots of sexy, feminist, rollicking fun! (If you want to hear them in action, check out their website!)

In non-nerdy music news, the New Pornographers (one of my very favorite bands ever) have announced they’re releasing a new album, Whiteout Conditions, this April! Here’s a link to where you can watch the video for a song from that album, “High Ticket Attractions”.

The wonderful S.J, Tucker doesn’t release too many videos, but here’s one she just put out for a new song, “Chalk On The Sidewalk”.

And finally…

“Never give up. Never give in.”

Words that mean more than ever right now.

Rest well, Sir John Hurt, and thank you.

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