and the rumor spread that I was blogging fast

Sunday catchup time! Just a quick reminder that if you’re shopping at Amazon, it helps a bit if you click all the links I’ve freely scattered around this blog and the website. Like this one. If you do, I get a few pennies from anything you buy at Amazon during that visit, even if you don’t get any of my books. Thanks! More after the cut.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me tweeting up a storm on Friday, for that was the day that the music download site Bandcamp was donating their cut from all their sales to the ACLU. (They raised around $100,000, BTW.) I was happy to add a small amount to that. All the tweeting that was flying during Friday has given me an idea for a new series of blog posts, which I hope to start rolling out later this month.

I’ve mentioned my fondness for Kari Zev, the airship pirate captain with a pet monkey who appears in the new Magic: The Gathering set Aether Revolt. I did order a playset (4 cards) of each card she appears on, along with a token card for her monkey Ragavan. Well, between the company I ordered from making a slight mistake, some lucky packs of cards and an impulse buy from the website of artist Sara Winters…I seem to suddenly have a small Kari Zev collection.

I am now trying my best to convince myself not to add to it. I easily could. There are more prints. There are non-English cards. There are foil cards. There are blanked-back artist’s proof cards. There’s a playmat. But I will be strong. I will defy temptation. I hope.

Oh, hey, it’s another 99 cent sale for plenty of science fiction and fantasy ebooks! Ends today! Go!

And speaking of 99 cents – the amazing Kate Danley has released a new short story, “Galatea And Pygmalion”, as part of the new collection Once Upon A Kiss, which features 17 fairy tales with a twist! Find out more at Kate’s site.

Finally: This past week marked Elisabeth Sladen’s birthday and I’m not crying you’re crying

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