The Sound Abounds: The Library Bards!

Welcome to The Sound Abounds, where I talk about the weird, wonderful world of nerd music! These posts will feature and discuss musical acts that have performed songs that touch on (or squeefully embrace) some aspect of geek culture.

In this installment, after the cut: The Library Bards!

Genre: Nerd pop parody.

Who They Are: Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret, voice actors (and nerd reality show contestants) from the Los Angeles area.

What They Do: Song parodies, like Weird Al Yankovic…but what Weird Al does (or did) for food, they do for geekdom, poking fun at many of the usual targets with an enthusiasm that at its best is quite contagious. They’ve been active since 2014, building a following with their well-crafted parodies and fun music videos (some of which I’ve cleverly inserted into this post). I’m a big fan of “Gandalf”; who knew Taylor Swift could be so easily nerdified?

Where To Start: Well, by coincidence (wink), they’ve just released their first full album, Bardcore! Fourteen fun tracks, including many of my favorites (though I’m disappointed that “Warriors For Hire” didn’t make the cut). Get it at Bandcamp or on iTunes.

Find Out More: Their website, their Patreon page, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Whew.

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