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Sunday catchup! Work is going mostly smoothly on Skyblade’s Claim, and I’m hoping to have a completed first draft by this time next week. I don’t want to commit to a release date yet, but feel free to mark your calendars for June 27. Just do it in pencil. More after the cut!

You may have noticed that I’ve been updating just once a week of late. This is due to two things: Skyblade’s Claim, and an increased workload in my day job, which is where I write most of my non-Sunday blog posts. (Don’t tell anybody. It’s our secret.) This will probably be continuing for the near future, except when I have new releases to promote. I do enjoy things like Willow Wednesdays and The Sound Abounds, though, and with any luck I’ll be getting back to them soon.

I do have a good cause that could use your help. Last fall, my dear friend Amber Goss needed help to pay for a class that her collegiate funding plan wouldn’t cover. She did raise enough to pay for that, and earned her diploma and admission to grad school. However, her expected funding for that is looking a bit iffy, so she’s launched a second GoFundMe campaign to help cover her bases. Click here to help, if you can, and share if you’d be so kind. Amber is good people, and she needs help so she can someday get the linguistics job she wants. Thanks.

I’ve mentioned the talented French artist Rosy Clockomaton before, and I wanted to direct your attention to a 4-page comics story she drew for a school project. She’s only posted it on Facebook so far, but it’s worth it – the art is superb, and she’s someone to watch, Click here.

And I will try to get a Willow Wednesdays done for this week – there’s something that you really should see – but for now, here’s her sketch for a kappa that’ll be part of a sticker set.

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