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It’s Sunday, and here’s a bit of overdue catchup: The first two Peavley Manor novelettes, “Book Fair Frenzy (Or, Macalley Turns The Page)” and “The Thorn Harbour Road Rally (Or, Macalley Takes The Wheel)” are now available on iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble (for your Nook) as well as Amazon! Search your store of choice for e-books by “Robert Dahlen”! You can still read “Book Fair Frenzy” for free here, and you can get your e-book of “Thorn Harbour Road Rally” for free by subscribing to my mailing list, but you can also show your support for what I do by buying one of my e-books or gifting one to a friend! More after the cut.

Just in time for Oktoberfest and Halloween, Kate Danley has just released the ninth Maggie MacKay book, Eine Kleine Nacht Maggie! Our favorite snarky magical tracker’s newest adventure involves lederhosen, oompah music…and vampires. If you haven’t read any of Kate’s Maggie books, you can get the first, Maggie For Hire, for free on Amazon! But be warned – once you read it, you’ll want more!

Inktober is wrapping up, and so much wonderful art has been created and spread this year. I have three to call to your attention. Mya Gosling, creator of the splendid Shakespearean webcomic Good Tickle Brain, has been using the prompts to create some nifty art based on Shakespeare’s dialogue. You can see it on her Facebook page or her Twitter timeline.

Brian Kessinger, creator of the Otto and Victoria books, is doing his annual series of robot designs for Inktober. See them, and more nifty art, on his Facebook page.

I’ve mentioned the wonderful art of French artist Rosy Clockomaton before. She’s been taking a bit of time off, but she’s returned with an album worth of art of her steampunk original characters for Inktober. See the album on Facebook, or follow her blog on Tumblr.

Finally: If listening to a song over and over because it’s helping me plot the endings to the second and third Tabitha Miles books is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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