Character Blog Hop – Meet Beth McGill!

What is the name of your character? Hey. I’m Beth McGill. Bethany Jean McGill, if you must.

Is she fictional or a historic person? Oh, God, I really don’t need questions like this before I’ve had my coffee. (Editor’s note: She’s fictional. I think.)

When and where is the story set? “When” would probably be in the present, but it could be a little bit in the past or the future. Any Doctor Who fans reading this, don’t spoil anything for me!

“Where” is pretty much what Michiko described last time, a college town in northern California, not too far from Oregon, with lots of hidden Emigre communities. It’s weird to think that the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town is actually occupied by hobgoblins, and that the old guy in line ahead of you at the coffeehouse could actually be a dwarf or a gremlin with a seeming…

What should we know about her? Well, I’m a student here at Cooper College. I came here from the Midwest to study English, and things went from bad (parental issues, and that’s all I have to say about that) to worse. It’s not just the roommate problems (I’ve almost lost track of how many I’ve had, and almost all of them sucked) or my classes. You see, I’m a geek girl. Reading Tolkien and Discworld and Harry Potter, watching Doctor Who, wearing Girl Genius and Doubleclicks t-shirts, cosplaying, all that. And I couldn’t find any other fangirls and nerds up here! So, my freshman year was pretty rough; if it hadn’t been for this one cool professor I studied with named Puck, I might have just gone back to Illinois.

My sophomore year was starting off just as bad, but then I met Michiko. She saved me from being kidnapped from an ogre, then she told me that I had “second sight”, which meant I could see through and dispel illusions (a lot of Emigres use personal illusions called “seemings” to blend in, and some use them to get away with stuff). She asked me to help her keep things under control here – “save the world”, as she put it – and I’m doing the best I can, but I need to be careful. If I blink at the wrong time, I could ruin a seeming and get someone in trouble. Even Puck – it turns out he’s a faerie, one of the very first Emigres.

I really like Michiko. She’s always so cheerful and positive, and she’s fun to be around (even if that “Doctor What” joke is getting kind of old). She’s already saved my butt several times. And she’s moving in this weekend, which will be awesome. If anyone can break my roommate jinx, it’ll be her.

What is the main conflict? What messes up her life? Besides Gregor? I know he didn’t want to be reincarnated as a guinea pig, but he can be so obnoxious when he puts his mind to it. There are days that I wish we could give him back to the pet store where we found him. But he knows magic, and he’s been a big help at times, so I guess we’re stuck with him.

No, the real conflict is trying to juggle all these things I’ve suddenly got going on. I’ve got my classes, I’m helping Michiko, I’ve got self-defense training, and I’ve made some Emigre friends, so I’m trying to fit everything in and still find time for my “geek stuff”. And there are bad guys out there, some of whom hold grudges, and I worry that something bad will happen, either to me or to Michiko when she’s protecting me. And I don’t want Michiko to get hurt because of me.

What is the personal goal of the character? I’ve got several, actually. Find ways to help Michiko as best as I can. Don’t get killed while helping Michiko. Keep studying and get through college. And don’t strangle Gregor.

What is the title of the novel and where can we find out more? Well, our first novel is called Of Introductions And Abductions, and it’s available (among other places) through Amazon. Our second novel is called The Brigadoon Boondoggle, and it’s coming out November 28 (hey, that’s this Friday), but it’s available now for preorder.

Our author, Robert Dahlen, writes this blog you’re reading, and it’s the best place for updates and such on our adventures (and there’s a sneak preview or two here as well). We’re also on Twitter, where we’re @MonkeyQueenBks, and Facebook.

And I’m a big fan of Willow, who draws the art for our covers. (I just got a few of her buttons, and I’ll be ordering her posters once I find some room on my wall.) You can see her gallery at And she’s on Facebook, too:

Hey, the coffee’s done. Gotta go!

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