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Kobo sale! This weekend only!

Do you have a Kobo e-reader or the Kobo app? Do you live in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Do you need to catch up on Michiko and Beth? Well, this is your weekend! Head over to your Kobo store and use the promo code 50JUN, and save 50 percent on all five Monkey Queen books! But don’t wait – this is only good through Monday, June 27! (And you can get other books as well – US readers click here for more!) Search your Kobo store for “Monkey Queen” or “Robert Dahlen” to find Michiko and Beth’s books.

kobo sale

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Kobo Next For Less!

A bit of Monday night news: Not only is the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, back down to 99 cents on Kobo and related sites, we’re featured on Kobo’s Next For Less page! If you have a Kobo ereader or the Kobo app on your Apple or Android device, swing on over to check out the latest deals!

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rich man can ride, and the blogger, he can drown

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Let’s start with another reminder: If you have a Kobo e-reader, or Kobo software on your smartphone or tablet, you’re all set to follow Michiko and Beth’s adventures! US readers can get all five Monkey Queen books through the Kobo site, Canadians can hit Indigo, and you can always search your favorite e-book store for “Monkey Queen” or “Robert Dahlen!” More after the cut. Continue reading

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Going wide

Today is the big day. The first four Monkey Queen books are, or will soon be, available on web sites other than Amazon. (Due to having to fulfill a 90-day commitment to Amazon, Redblade will still be exclusive there through March 17.) They’re already available in Kobo’s US store; just search for “Robert Dahlen”, or click here! By Saturday, they should be available in other US stores including Barnes and Noble (for Nook), iTunes and Drive Thru Fiction! I’ll have links up on Sunday. It may take a few more days for the books to be available outside the US, but keep checking, and feel free to share the links here and everywhere else!

If you’ve been reading these books through Kindle Unlimited, I apologize for any issues this causes. I felt it was time to take this step, as the best way to keep the audience for Michiko and Beth’s adventures growing. If you have any concerns about this, leave a comment or contact me privately. Thanks.

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