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just the sweetest song my blog has ever known

We’ll start this Sunday catchup with a quick reminder: Talk to me! If you have any comments about the Monkey Queen books, the short stories, the setting in general, Willow’s art, penguins, what Disney Infinity figures should be next, or anything else I discuss here, feel free to leave a comment here! I really don’t bite, and I’d love to hear from you! (You can also leave feedback on the “Contact & More” page, tweet me, or leave a comment on the Facebook page.) More after the cut. Continue reading

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Happy Life Day, er, Holidays!

I thought you’d like to meet my new pal…but he’s kind of shy.


Merry and Happy to everyone!

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If we could make this feeling last forever, what a beautiful place this blog truly would be

Forgive me for starting the Sunday catchup with a blatant plug, but I know a lot of you have been distracted between a certain holiday and a certain movie. So, if you missed it – Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, is out now! This post has all the links to buy it at Amazon stores worldwide (and it’s free to read for Kindle Unlimited members or Amazon Prime members with Kindles)! And this post is where you can preview the first two chapters!

And while I have your attention, the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, is still on sale for 99 cents US, and will stay on sale through New Year’s weekend! Grab it now if you haven’t read it, and remember that ebooks make great gifts!

After the cut…we head to a galaxy far, far away. Continue reading

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