time to be…Awakened

Heads up! Author, web designer and all-around awesome pal of us here at Monkey Queen Books, Shei Darksbane, is launching her debut novel on July 21 – Awakening, the first book in the Auralight Codex series! Join snarky security guard Dakota Shepherd as she discovers secrets about herself and the world around her in this new urban fantasy novel! (Be advised that this series is targeted for older readers.) We’ll get publication links up as soon as they’re available, but here’s a peek at the cover:


There’s also a contest taking place on the Darksbane Books Facebook page! Follow the instructions and you could win copies of Awakening and the upcoming second book, Hunted! And we’re sure that you can do better than this photo:

In related news, I am also Groot.

In related news, I am also Groot.

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