Disney Infinity: Better Than Candles

So, in all the excitement surrounding the recent first anniversary of the Monkey Queen, I may have forgotten to mention that it was also…my birthday. And since it was, I may have decided to gift myself a few things.

DI 0915

Barbossa looks just as awesome as I expected; Jack Sparrow should be ticked that he came in second-best. Violet and Mrs. Incredible got there in one piece, and I’m grateful for that; those figures look quite fragile. I’ve never even seen Wreck-It Ralph (I know, I know), but Vanellope came with the others, so. And the Rapunzel is adorable, even if she may be getting on Merida’s nerves.

Yeah, I’ll probably need to expand to a second shelf soon. And the flash on my smartphone does make Sabine look rather orange. But I’m quite pleased with the way my collection is shaping up! I just need half a dozen figures to fill out my Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 wants. And then just Minnie to finish…

[checks calendar]

Aw, crap. I would write this on new release day. And Chewie and Han look so good, and I need all the Rebels figures now, and I don’t have to go to Best Buy for Mulan…

Which is why I’ll mention again that I have a Disney Infinity wish list on Amazon. Belated birthday presents will not be looked down upon!

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