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looking like a true survivor, blogging like a little kid

Another quick Sunday catchup. The secret project has been written, but I still can’t reveal what it is or when…but with any luck, I’ll be able to later this week. Check back later here, or on Twitter or Facebook. It’ll be worth the wait! More after the cut. Continue reading

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Blognolia Simms

First off, with Christmas starting to loom in the distance like a giant commercialized monster hungering for your attention and money: You might want to check here on the 27th (“Black Friday” to Americans) for the Monkey Queen short story “Best Christmas Ever!”…in its new, slightly revised version, along with a “Behind The Scenes” post! Grab some candy canes and a white chocolate mocha and come back Friday! More (including spoilers) after the cut! Continue reading

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Disney Infinity: Better Than Candles

So, in all the excitement surrounding the recent first anniversary of the Monkey Queen, I may have forgotten to mention that it was also…my birthday. And since it was, I may have decided to gift myself a few things.

DI 0915

Barbossa looks just as awesome as I expected; Jack Sparrow should be ticked that he came in second-best. Violet and Mrs. Incredible got there in one piece, and I’m grateful for that; those figures look quite fragile. I’ve never even seen Wreck-It Ralph (I know, I know), but Vanellope came with the others, so. And the Rapunzel is adorable, even if she may be getting on Merida’s nerves.

Yeah, I’ll probably need to expand to a second shelf soon. And the flash on my smartphone does make Sabine look rather orange. But I’m quite pleased with the way my collection is shaping up! I just need half a dozen figures to fill out my Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 wants. And then just Minnie to finish…

[checks calendar]

Aw, crap. I would write this on new release day. And Chewie and Han look so good, and I need all the Rebels figures now, and I don’t have to go to Best Buy for Mulan…

Which is why I’ll mention again that I have a Disney Infinity wish list on Amazon. Belated birthday presents will not be looked down upon!

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And she whispered, sometimes love is always blogging

First off, today is the final day of the Science Fiction and Fantasy September Promo! It’s your last day to get the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, along with 36 other exciting titles and four boxed sets, for just 99 cents each! Fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, and Michiko and Beth! Don’t miss out! Get the full list of books here and reload your Kindle, tablet or smartphone for fall reading! More after the cut. Continue reading


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Last Chance to help Willow’s journey!

Willow fans! Her crowdfunding campaign to get her BD/comic The Journey Of Earth printed ends on Friday! She’s passed the 300 percent mark, and the book will now be printed in hardcover, but if she can reach 325 percent, and she’s close, there’ll be 10 more pages AND a PDF mini-sketchbook! Yes, it’s in French, but for just $6 plus shipping you get a postcard and some nifty wallpaper (and with any luck the PDF sketchbook), and you can add $2 and get a button…and you don’t need to know French to enjoy Willow’s wonderful art! Go! Back her!

Oh, you may want to drop by Sunday for a special announcement. Just sayin’.

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