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Sundays mean catchup, and I get to start with a follow-up from last Sunday’s post: Work on the sixth Monkey Queen book has officially begun! I know I said last week I’d be waiting for NaNoWriMo…but I found a hook for the opening scene and got excited. As mentioned earlier, this will be the first part of a trilogy, and it will test Michiko and Beth like never before. More, including an important appeal, after the cut.

A friend of my awesome pal Shei Darksbane needs help. Her baby was born prematurely, and the nearest hospital to her that can offer care is 90 minutes away. They’re trying to raise funds to help them stay close to their baby while she’s being cared for. If you can, please click here, read more about Baby Azlee, and donate. If not, keep them in your thoughts. Thanks.

Are you following the Facebook Monkey Queen Books page? If not, you should. I save most of the original content for this blog, but I try to share all sorts of fun geeky stuff on Facebook, and this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite drawings from Inktober that have crossed my news feed. Come on by!

Got to watch the last two Doctor Who episodes back to back. On its own, “The Girl Who Died” was a corker. “The Woman Who Lived”, not so much, but it had enough good moments to make up for it. I’m still on the side of those who are thinking this season is much better than the previous one. And this week…Osgood’s back! Woot! (Or a Zygon impersonator. Close enough.) Somewhere, Beth McGill is already planning a cosplay.

So the new Star Wars trailer is awesome. The announcement that the Sherlock special is coming for New Year’s Day is awesome. Where’s the mashup? The internet has already given us a Disney/Star Wars mashup, so where’s my Sherlock/Star Wars mashup? Don’t let me down, internet…

And finally: This cute little bear is made of tasty chocolate under that shiny gold foil. This little bear knows that people can have bad days, and they might take it out on him. Let’s all hope that I have many good days and few bad ones. Because if I have a real bad day, it’s curtains for this little bear. Curtains!


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