Willow Wednesdays Extra: The Journey Has Ended!

As regular readers of this blog no doubt know by now: A few months ago, Willow ran a crowdfunding campaign for her debut graphic novel, The Journey Of Earth. I backed it as quickly as I could, and I’ve been waiting like a kid at Christmas for the final book and the goodies to get here. Well, guess what showed up today? Let’s see what’s in the package after the cut!

The Journey Of Earth! Such a beautiful cover! My smartphone can’t do this art justice! You can see that there was a bit of damage along the top edge, but as it turns out, there’s no way I’d ever trade this copy for a new pristine one.


And there were so many wonderful goodies as well! A poster, a large art card, two postcards, a bookmark, two buttons and a thingie for one’s keychain! I may need to get a cheap frame for that poster.


I still need to work my way through the book, but I knew The Journey Of Earth would be worth it for the art alone. As you can see, I was right! And Willow is a natural storyteller; I can figure out most of what’s going on even with very little knowledge of French. (Insert hint about English version here.)


I’ve written before about how Willow came up with Michiko’s scarf. When I saw this drawing that Willow did for my copy, I had two reactions: “Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!”, and a happy, happy smile.


I’m thrilled that I got this, and I’m so glad that Willow gets to show the world (galaxy?) what she can do. I am, in case you hadn’t guessed, very very very happy. Willow, congratulations and thank you!


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