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We begin this Sunday catchup by letting you know that Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, is now available on Barnes & Noble for your Nook! You can also get it through Kobo, iTunes, and DriveThruFiction!

With that, all five Monkey Queen books are now in wide distribution again. You can get Redblade, and all the other Monkey Queen books, through Amazon or most other ebook retailers; just search the store for “Monkey Queen” or “Robert Dahlen”. More after the cut.

Heads up! The Doubleclicks (awesome geek-folk-pop-rock-sister duo with cat keyboard) have another live online show scheduled for this coming Saturday, 3:00 PM Pacific! They haven’t decided if it’ll be on YouTube or Twitch, so I’ll post an update as soon as I find out. Their online shows are always terrific, so don’t miss it!

Back in January, I mentioned the animated movie version of the classic book The Little Prince as one of the movies that looked interesting that was coming out in 2016. As it turns out, it didn’t make it to theaters here in the States; the distributor pulled it at the last minute, without any explanation. The good news is that it’s been picked up by Netflix, presumably to stream at their site. The bad news? I have Amazon Prime instead…

Speaking of awesome things from France, I’ll gently remind you that Willow still has copies of her debut BD/graphic novel, The Journey Of Earth, available for sale! It’s in French, but it’s still worth it for the great storytelling and wonderful art alone even if you can’t read French. (And if you want something a little less expensive, she has art cards and other goodies available as well!) Contact her through her DeviantArt, Tumblr, or Facebook pages.

And to wrap up: One of my favorite geek-influenced musicians, Meri Amber, has released a new album! Retro Sherbet is her tribute to the 1990s, and there are references to Xena, Pokemon, Dragonball and more…but underneath it all is some solid songwriting, and she does serious just as well as geeky. Here’s a link to her web site where you can stream (and buy!) Retro Sherbet, and I’m sharing the first video from the album, “Block Breaker”.

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