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blogging glass in your room again

Sunday catchup, and again it’s going to be light, between working on Copper Cove and the fact that some of my future plans are still being finalized. I did want to let you know that later today, the ever-delightful Madame Askew will be doing Facebook Live videos from San Diego’s Steampunk Day At The Library! Click here for more info on the event, and here for Madame Askew’s Facebook page, where you can sign up to be updated whenever she and/or the Grand Arbiter go live!

This coming Tuesday will be a red-letter day for nerd music fans, as it’s the official release day for Love Problems by the Doubleclicks and Trust Issues by the PDX Broadsides! I’ll try to have reviews for both soon, but no promises.

And another one of nerd music’s bright lights, Meri Amber, is now doing regular live shows on Twitch! Follow her there to get updates as to when she’s on, or check her Twitter timeline.

And with that, tea and writing call. More later.

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this time I know we could blog it together

Sunday catchup, and we’ll open with another reminder: If you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve written, I would be grateful if you’d take a moment to write a review. Reviews really do help influence people as to whether or not they should buy a book, and the more the better. So, if you like the Monkey Queen books, the tales of Peavley Manor, or the Skyblade Saga, please drop by Amazon and/or Goodreads and let others know. Thanks! More after the cut. Continue reading

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oh sweet name, I blog you again

It’s time for Sunday catchup! I’ll lead off with a reminder: If you’ve enjoyed any of the ebooks I’ve written, I’d be grateful if you could take a few minutes and write a review, for Amazon, Goodreads, your social media or elsewhere. Reviews do help attract new readers, and new readers in turn get the word out to bring in more. Whatever you can do is deeply appreciated. Thanks! More after the cut. Continue reading

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I must be only one in a million, I won’t let the blog pass without her

Sunday catchup, and if you missed it, scroll up or click back one post to learn more about Skyblade’s Claim, the new novella in the Skyblade Saga series – coming this Tuesday, June 27! There’ll be a preview with buying links up on Tuesday – but you’ll get to read the preview Monday evening if you sign up for my mailing list! Click here! (I promise that your address will never be sold or given away.)

More after the cut! Continue reading

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the blogging gnome

Sunday catchup ahoy! First, I updated the website slightly with a preview page for The Crown Of Kylthena, and a separate page for Skyblade’s Gambit and the Skyblade Saga. Just a gentle reminder…if you’ve read either book, or any of my books, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, social media, your own blog, or all of the above! Reviews, and spreading the word in general, do bring in new readers and remind the older ones that they may need to catch up, so won’t you take a few minutes to help? Michiko and Beth thank you, Annabel and Victorie thank you, and so do I! More after the cut. Continue reading

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ho ho ho, guess who’s here? your fat and jolly friend blogs near

Well, it’s still Sunday on the west coast. You know how holidays go sometimes. Anyway, this is a special Sunday catchup, as after the cut, I present…my top songs of 2016! (Warning: Lots of videos ahead.) Continue reading


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This blog’s a long old road we shouldn’t have to walk alone

Sunday catchup is late today, and we can blame that on the flu bug I picked up on Friday. Or thank it for that. Anyway, let’s lead off with this request: If you’ve enjoyed Skyblade’s Gambit, The Crown Of Kylthena, or any of the other books I’ve written, please scoot over to Amazon and leave a review or three. Reviews do help attract new readers and attention, and both are very welcome sights to me. Feel free to also leave reviews elsewhere – Goodreads, Kobo, your blog or Facebook timeline – but Amazon does work best. More after the cut.

(A quick reminder: If you’re outside of the US and want to buy a copy of Skyblade’s Gambit, contact me. We can work this out.)

Speaking of Amazon, here are two other ways to help support my writing. One, if you need to do some last minute shopping there, start by clicking on any of the Amazon links in this post. If you do and then buy anything, I get a small but welcome cut of the proceeds. Thanks.

The other? I’ve revised my Disney Infinity want list on Amazon to no longer be just Disney Infinity. There are all sorts of goodies on there, and I’d be happy to get any of them, big or small. Click here and shop away!

But I’ll be even happier if you consider donating to the GoFundMe page my friend, and big Monkey Queen fan, Amber Goss has set up. She’s raising funds to help pay for tuition and other charges for a class she needs to take to graduate…but that her financial aid plan won’t pay for.  She’s met the most urgent need, but she still needs a little bit more to pay for some application fees. Any help you can give, even $5 or $10, means a lot.

Oh, if you didn’t notice, the holiday season is upon us, and I have two videos I wanted to share. First: This song debuted on Amazon in 2014, but wasn’t available elsewhere (including YouTube) until recently. It’s not where I got the name or inspiration for “Best Christmas Ever!” from…but it’s still a song I could see Mandy singing over the holidays.

And as improbable as it seems (especially in 2016): Is your holiday season lacking a little DOOM? Do you need a more DOOMY Christmas? Meri Amber‘s got you covered.

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you know I can’t blog straight no more

Starting Sunday with an announcement: For the next few weeks, posting on this blog and other social media will be significantly less than usual, mostly likely just a Sunday catchup post every week. A secret project is involved, but I can’t say more than that for the time being, and there is a deadline that needs to be met. When I can say more, I will, and I think it’ll be worth the wait. More after the cut, including paperback news! Continue reading

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the less I say the more my blog gets done

Starting off Sunday with this news: The new Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena, is now available on DriveThruFiction! In case you missed Michiko and Beth’s latest adventure, head over here for a full list of buying links! More after the cut.

Quick update: Work has started on the paperback edition of The Crown Of Kylthena. Hopefully, I’ll have proofs in hand in the next two weeks, and after that, I can announce a release date. Also, sorry for the lack of posts last week; I will try to catch up this week.

Meanwhile, I wanted to thank Meri Amber, who featured me with several other fine people on a post on her blog last week! Check that out, and then poke around her website if you’re not familiar with her music. She’s one of my very favorite geek pop acts, and if you’re wondering why…try this song out.

The Doubleclicks have a new nifty video series called “You Should Write A Song About That,” where they interview someone and then write a song about something the interviewee suggests. This first installment is about Anandibai Joshi, and you’ll find out more by watching the video below.

Here’s a brand new (lyrically, anyway) track from the PDX Broadsides! Recommended, especially for Labyrinth fans.

And finally: Lucia Fasano (reminder: her Radio Silence album is quite good) claims that she put together this Squirrel Girl costume from things she found in her closet. I’ll keep her secret identity quiet if you will. [winks]


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from the end of the world to your blog

The Sunday catchup returns, with this announcement: The sixth Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena, will be published this coming Tuesday, October 11!

“Whatever it takes to rescue Beth, I’ll do it.”

The Crown of Kylthena is a legendary relic from the Lost Lands of Earth. The stories say it brings great power to its wearer. Michiko Koyama, the hero known as the Monkey Queen, is sent to retrieve the crown along with her girlfriend and partner in adventure Beth McGill, only to find that it’s been stolen. They’ll have to hop from world to world and team up with the enigmatic wizard Alasdair Sterling to get it back…but can he be trusted?

And even if they find the crown, the secrets it holds could tear Beth away from Michiko…or lead to their doom.

Come back Tuesday for buying links, and click here in case you missed Friday’s preview of the first two chapters of Michiko and Beth’s newest adventure! More after the cut! Continue reading

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