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Another quick Sunday catchup. The secret project has been written, but I still can’t reveal what it is or when…but with any luck, I’ll be able to later this week. Check back later here, or on Twitter or Facebook. It’ll be worth the wait! More after the cut.

With the secret project done, I’ll finally be able to do things not connected to writing a lot of words really fast. If I have time this coming long weekend, which is always up in the air, I should finally make it to the movies. If I can only see one, should I see Doctor Strange? Fantastic Beasts? Or Moana? Any thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment. Let me know what you think!

A reminder: If you want paperback copies of any or all of the Monkey Queen books, and don’t want to go through Amazon (or Barnes & Noble’s online store), get in touch with me and I’ll set you up. Shipping outside the US isn’t cheap, so be warned. I take PayPal, and will autograph and personalize on request for no extra charge. Remember, books make great holiday gifts! Even if they’re not mine.

I missed letting you know about the last Doubleclicks live online show, so here’s the replay. If you’re a Steven Universe fan, you may want to watch at least the first few minutes.

And finally: Now you know what to get me for Christmas. But I’m not greedy. I’ll settle for the one on the right.


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