Skyblade’s Gambit: Now Available! Take to the Skies!

Today is the day! ARRRR! Buckle your swash and prepare to set sail! Skyblade’s Gambit, my new novella, is now available! Click here to get the first chapter of The Skyblade Saga! Can a pirate and a Navy officer rescue stolen treasure…while falling for each other? Find out now!


An important note: Due to restrictions of the Kindle Worlds program, Skyblade’s Gambit is only available through the U.S. Amazon store. You should be able to buy the ebook at that link even if you’re outside the U.S., but if you have any issues, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

And don’t forget that Skyblade’s Gambit is part of the Plundered Chronicles, featuring a great selection of pirate stories inspired by the books of Alex Westmore! Click here for more info!


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3 Responses to Skyblade’s Gambit: Now Available! Take to the Skies!

  1. Craig

    As it’s US only, there doesn’t appear to be a way to buy it if your store is set to AU, as mine is. I like your work, but not enough to dick around with my Amazon settings just to buy a book ?.

    Is it coming to other stores, or is it limited to the US for (ultimately silly) reasons?

    • MonkeyQueenBooks

      Craig, Kindle Worlds ebooks are limited to US sales only, though Amazon is looking into changing that. (And the rules are silly, I agree.) I do have a workaround; if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll email you directly.

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