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Sunday catchup ahoy! First, I updated the website slightly with a preview page for The Crown Of Kylthena, and a separate page for Skyblade’s Gambit and the Skyblade Saga. Just a gentle reminder…if you’ve read either book, or any of my books, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, social media, your own blog, or all of the above! Reviews, and spreading the word in general, do bring in new readers and remind the older ones that they may need to catch up, so won’t you take a few minutes to help? Michiko and Beth thank you, Annabel and Victorie thank you, and so do I! More after the cut.

I mentioned Calomiel’s return to drawing last week, but I forgot to mention that she’s launched a contest to celebrate reaching 500 page likes on Facebook! She’ll be giving away drawings to two winners. To enter, click here, like her Facebook page and share the post. The contest ends on February 1, so enter today!

Last week, I may have been a wee bit enthusiastic about Kari Zev, the airship pirate from the Magic: the Gathering set Aether Revolt. This past week, Wizards of the Coast published a short story featuring her and her monkey, “The Skies Over Ghirapur”, on their Daily MtG website. It’s a fun story, though those not familiar with Magic or the current storyline might be lost. And Ragavan the monkey gets the best moment.

Most of the illustrations with the story were taken from Magic cards, but one very nice one of Kari and Ragavan was apparently commissioned for the story, It’s by Sara Winters, who’s a recent addition to the Magic artist roster, and since it’s not on a card…I broke down and ordered a print of the art. You can do the same at Winters’ Inprnt webstore.

Meanwhile…it’s been revealed that in an alternate dimension known as Earth MA, Supergirl’s secret identity isn’t journalist Kara Danvers…but Australian geek-popper Meri Amber!

And finally: A reminder to all of us – Miyazaki and Ghibli were bringing us awesome air pirates decades ago. (And a reminder to myself – rewatch Castle In The Sky sometime soon.)

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