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After the cut…there are those who say that creative types should shut up and art. I disagree with that with every bone in my body. Be advised that I’ll be getting political.

So, on Saturday, this happened:

(Hat tip to all the photographers and to everyone who shared these images on Twitter. If the owners or subjects of these photos object to them being used here, contact me.)
I had wavered on whether or not to attend the march closest to me, in Oakland (for many personal reasons), but the decision was taken out of my hands Saturday morning when I was hit with a case of vertigo that left me dizzy and with a headache for most of the day, I followed the coverage as best as I could, and I was awestruck by what happened.
As you have probably guessed, I have no love for Donald Trump. I expect that, unguarded, he will do serious harm to America and the world. And I have nothing but sheer contempt for his partner in upcoming crime, Mike Pence, whose entire existence has been devoted to destroying the lives of LGBT+ people. It’s only a matter of time before he tries to pull some horrible crap on that community. Not on my watch, you horrible excuse for a Christian and a human being. You don’t mess with my friends, now or ever.
I’ve stood against this right-wing tide of hate in my own small way, and I’m glad many of you are doing so as well. It will be a long four years ahead, but we will resist, we will fight, and, in time, we will win. Love will win.
I thank all of you who marched. You gave me, and so many others, hope.

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