Take To The Skies…Again! (Post #500)

I promised an announcement for post #500 on this blog, and I’ll lead off with that. I’ve started writing the second book in the Skyblade Saga…Skyblade’s Claim! If everything lines up right, it’ll be coming out on June 1, along with other books in the next wave of Plundered Chronicles stories! If for some reason you missed the first book in this series, Skyblade’s Gambit, head over to Amazon’s US store to check it out.

More after the cut!

I have to admit that I’m a bit hesitant to discuss my writing plans for the upcoming year at this point. I did that last year, and for various reasons I ended up being less productive than I expected. Things can change. Take what I say below as a best-case scenario, and cheer me on.

The only definite is Skyblade’s Claim. That will be ready for June 1. Aside from that:

A third Skyblade book: That would be December 1, time and everything else permitting.

The seventh Monkey Queen book: I’ve got that plotted, and I started work on it before real life and Skyblade’s Gambit got in the way. I’m prioritizing Skyblade’s Claim right now, mostly because it has a firm deadline, but I don’t want to neglect Michiko and Beth. In the worst case, I want to get this seventh book done and out in September. In the best…this gets done and out quicker, and book eight gets done by the end of the year. Rest assured, I still have lots of Monkey Queen stories to tell.

Secret project #1: The first book in another new series. With any luck, this could be out in 2017…but it could also be pushed into 2018. We’ll see,

Secret project #2: I can’t and won’t say anything about this…except that it’s already been pushed back, it may be pushed back again, and it will be worth the wait.

This blog: I will be trying to get back to updating 2-3 times a week, including the Sunday catchup. Willow Wednesdays will be back, but probably not every week; it depends on how much new art she has time to draw. Other features will return; one should be here later this week. And I’ll try to pop up with random nonsense here from time to time.

Facebook and Twitter: Still there,

You: Hopefully still with me on this ride. If you are, thanks! Let’s make this part of 2017 worth looking forward to,

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