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Sunday catchup, full steam ahead! Work is continuing on Copper Cove, and though we don’t have First Draft Sign yet, that should only be a day or two away. I’ll keep you posted. After the cut: Where you can find me (or, places to avoid in the near future).

First, I’m going to be attending Gaslight Expo in San Diego October 6-8! It’ll be the premiere for this convention, but the staff have worked at other cons (such as Gaslight Gathering and Clockwork Alchemy) in the past, so it should be a smoothly-run and entertaining experience. The guest of honor is legendary author Tim Powers, and there’ll be workshops, panels, music and dancing, afternoon tea and more! And yes, Madame Askew will be in attendance, along with the Grand Arbiter and other members of her Temporal Entourage, and they will be supervising tea dueling and teapot racing! If you attend, do look me up; I’ll be the chap with the aloha shirt, the slightly dazed look, and (if all goes well) paperback copies of Copper Cove stowed away in my hotel room. Find out more about Gaslight Expo and purchase memberships here.

But before that – this coming weekend, in fact – I’ll be off to see the PDX Broadsides! They’ll be playing at the Bindery in San Francisco Friday night (8/25) and on Saturday night (8/26), they’ll be at Endgame in Oakland (where I’ll be attending)! They’ll be performing both nights with Canadian folk and nerd musician Leslie Hudson, and it should be a great show.

I wrote about the PDX Broadsides here. Since then, Trust Issues has come out, and it is a very solid album, with lots of nifty songs. Head over to Bandcamp to sample them, and if you can catch the Broadsides live, do it!

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