I like blogging and I like wine, and I’ve always liked it that way

(Well, maybe not the wine part so much…) Hello! It’s Sunday catchup time! Let’s start with a reminder: All five Monkey Queen books are now available through iTunes! Read Michiko and Beth’s adventures on the iBooks app for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! More after the iCut! Er, after the cut.

One of my very favorite authors, Kate Danley, has just released the sixth book in her Maggie MacKay series, Maggie Goes To Hollywood! Maggie is a wonderful character – tough, snarky, and good-hearted underneath it all. Well worth the read, and if you haven’t, you can start with the first book, Maggie For Hire…for free!

Geek popper Meri Amber, a new favorite of yours truly, has launched an awesome contest! You can win copies of her two most recent CDs, Pop Goes The TARDIS and Retro Sherbet, along with a Slinky, a roll of Bubble Tape, and more! Head over to her web site to enter (just scroll down a bit), and check her blog while you’re there for videos and other great stuff.

And finally: It was not a perfect Powerpuffing, but some people are more Powerpuffable than others.


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