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I like blogging and I like wine, and I’ve always liked it that way

(Well, maybe not the wine part so much…) Hello! It’s Sunday catchup time! Let’s start with a reminder: All five Monkey Queen books are now available through iTunes! Read Michiko and Beth’s adventures on the iBooks app for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! More after the iCut! Er, after the cut. Continue reading

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Going Wide II: iTunes and more!

I know I said I’d wait until Sunday, but this is too exciting for me to wait. The first four Monkey Queen books are available again on iTunes and DriveThruFiction! And Canadian fans can get them on Indigo.ca! (The fifth book, Redblade, will continue to be an Amazon exclusive until March 17.) I’m still waiting for Barnes and Noble to come into line; hopefully, it’ll be up on Sunday for the catchup post. Spread the word!

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