Sunday Catchup: September 23, 2018

Time for a quick Sunday catchup! First: If you somehow missed the news, I had two releases earlier this month. The new edition of Skyblade’s Gambit is out, and is now available worldwide, on Amazon and elsewhere! (Search for the book title or my name at your favorite e-book retailer!) Take to the skies!

And the fourth Peavley Manor novelette, “The Rebellious Rooster (Or, Macalley Gets Cocky)”, is out! Alice’s plan to assist a friend backfires in hilarious ways! Get it on Amazon and other sites!

More after the cut…including a hint at what’s next!

A quick reminder: If you’ve enjoyed Skyblade’s Gambit, “The Rebellious Rooster”, or anything else I’ve written, please leave a review, or tell your friends and acquaintances on social media! It does help, a lot. Thanks.

Gaslight Expo, that fine steampunk convention, will be returning to San Diego October 5-7! I will be in attendance; you can find me at the tea dueling events, or just aimlessly wandering, if you want to say hi. And with any luck, I’ll have paperback copies of Skyblade’s Gambit with me…and a certain upcoming collection as well.

Meanwhile, after an extended absence, our friends at Darksbane Books are getting back into action! Annathesa Nicola Darksbane (along with her wife Shei) has just released a new edition of Dead Girl’s Ashes, the first book in the Dying Ashes series! There’ll be new editions of the second and third books shortly, and then a brand new fourth book! If you like your urban fantasy dark, vampiric, and with plenty of queer rep, this is for you! Grab it on Amazon!

Kate Danley, the mind behind the Maggie MacKay books, has just released her latest project – Olde Robin Hood, her take on the legendary outlaw! Two years of research went into this fresh look at this legend! Available on Amazon and elsewhere!

And I’ve sung the praises of Melissa Pagluica’s wonderful webcomic Above The Clouds. Melissa has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring out a printed collection of the entire series! It closes on October 4, so jump in now!

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